I get a wife?!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Tate is always at the ripe old age of curious. There are times that I am ready for his little questions and he seems to respond fairly well to my wisdom mingled with nonsense. However there are times when I am hit with questions like, "Mom, do you like kissing Daddy?". "Umm..yes son I do". "On the lips?!".  "Yes Tate, I do". As he sits with a look on his face that suggests he is sinking into an entirely new realm of understanding I wish I could take it back and say something like "No silly, boys stink!" But there is no turning back now. He is now at the stage in his thought process where he has digested information and is now working on another little tid bit to make mommy wish she could keep her big mouth shut and it goes a little something like this, "Mom, I wanna kiss somebody. On the lips". Crap. This could go very poorly. I gather all of my momness and respond with, "You can kiss a girl on the lips. When you grow up almost as big as daddy you can go on a mission and then when you get home you can find a beautiful girl, get married in the temple, and she will be your wife and you can kiss her whenever you want. On the lips".I am certain that there are no words in the English language to describe the wonder and delight on Tate's face. After a long period of silence soaking in the possibilities he responded "I get a wife? I get to be a missionary AND I get a wife? When I am as big as dad? I can have my own wife?"
After I confirmed that all of it was true he was delighted. Luckily after a few hours he moved onto his next great "inbention" (invention). Unfortunately this new information of his promising future has lead to conversations of this nature, "Mom, are you making bread?", "Yes Tate I am", "Is it hard?", "Well...it takes some work.", "That's OK mom, my wife can make it for me when I am big"  He already has quite the "to do"list for this poor girl.
Well I hope he can marry a wonderful girl someday that he can kiss. And for heaven sake I hope she can make bread.

Best Halloween Ever!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The kids looked cute and the weather was perfect! You really cant ask for more.

First Day of Snow

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The kids all get super jazzed the first time it snows each year. As soon as Tate looked outside we heard "There is so much pretty-ful snow everywhere!!!!" And this Video is what else he had to say on the subject. Perri was only interested in finding shoes so she could go outside in it.

The five star treatment

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I have come to the decision that the battle with feeding my children is a constant struggle because my strategy is incorrect. My error first came to my attention when, as a time saving move, I served my children vegetables as an appetizer. To my delight they scarfed down every last piece of steamed broccoli florets without seaming to get distracted. Why? Because no other choice was on their plate so that they were forced to only focus on one item and enjoy the culinary experience without the stress of deciding what to put in their mouths. Is that what fine dining really is? I have heard it described as "tiny, pretty portions, weird sauces" but maybe that is really all that our systems can handle. Maybe the 12 inch plate stuffed with choices is just over stimulating our systems and blocking out the full enjoyment possibility of each individual item. Maybe. So now I suppose that I really should be giving my children the five star treatment. "Shouldn't you start learning to cook like a five star chef?" you may ask. But seriously, I have a white apron and I can probably pull off a two star French accent if I practice and really, what more do you need? They're just kids for heaven sake. A drizzle of fry sauce and a fancy toothpick and I'm pretty sure it's about the same. Well, I suppose I have to run. Time for the carrot coarse.

dressed and pressed

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I find myself wondering from time to time about motherhood because it is what fills everyday of my life with business. Even though it is much like i thought it would be, it is still different than my mind had let me imagine it would be. I supposed what I had really hoped for was British children. Now if this thought has never crossed your mind you should stop reading this minute because the rest of this post will be no fun at all for you. One of the people who never had this thought cross him mind is my father. My father always intended on having cowgirls and cowboys for children. To make his dream a reality he moved our family to possibly the worst town in Texas. Did he indulge his horse obsessed daughter by buying her a horse and some land and getting all of his children involved in things like 4-H? Nope. He bought us all Bright and very uncomfortable jeans and horrible shirts with bright southwestern prints on them and then took a picture. You really cant blame the poor guy for trying but the fact of the matter is you simply cant turn your children into the imaginary children you had in mind. Just once I would love my children to pop into the kitchen (looking as neat as a pin) and say in a British accent,"Mother may I have some biscuits and milk? They are my favorite and my best!" And then wait while I decide. Has it ever happened? no. All i get is this ( In a loud voice with no accent mind you) "Mom I want a cookie!! Mom i am so hungry ! can I have chocolate? What are we having for dinner? Why don't we ever have cookies? Can we go to Mema's house? Do you think she has ice cream? " Now I adore my children. But Marry Poppins never had to deal with this nonsense. Why? because she was British and so were the children in her care. I think she got them into more trouble than they ever got in on their own. There is a lovely picture of me in my head as a mother. Pushing a Pram while My other two children follow quietly along shoelaces and hair ribbons tied perfectly, clean as a whistle, and each of them holding a balloon and being very pleased just to have received the balloon and carefully holding the string so as not to loose it. They stay very close to their mother. They are not letting go of the string just to see how quick mom"s reflexes are or hitting each other with the balloons and running around squealing. Nope the kids in my head are British. They would never do such things. Maybe people in London wish they had American kids. But probably not. They are not very impressed with Americans as a whole.
Every now and again Kaitlynn will do a line off of Charlie and Lola for me to make me laugh. That may be as close as I will ever get unless we move to Great Britain and the chances of that are very slim. I guess I will have to settle for the lovely children I have been given with much to much of their mother in them. But I suppose if my father didn't get rodeo kids then I will live without having Brits.

What's your flavor?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

There is this scene in "City Slickers" where all the guys are sitting around a camp fire talking about what they do back home and there are two guys that came together (not gay, like a Ben and Jerry kind of duo) talking about how the one guy can tell you what flavor of ice cream goes with any meal. So the rest of the group tests him on his skill by naming off different meals and he spouts out the name of the ice cream that would work best with the dish. Ok now if you are a big ice cream lover that might really come in handy, but what the skill I would prefer is picking just the right movie for any night. Ice cream is ok but I am really more of a movie buff. It seems so difficult some times. You have saved up loads of laundry to fold, you put the kids to bed, and its time. What are you in the mood for? You brows your selection, you think about the movies you need to add to your selection, maybe you even look through instant view on netflix, and then finally you feel it getting later so you pop in something and hope you made the right choice. Sometimes I am really good at this. I think about what I need to watch days in advance. However, sometimes I am wrong. I am ten minutes into my feature film and it hits me, that feeling like "oh balls, this isn't it" which is always followed by "crap, now what?". Now tonight I got lucky. Tonight it was "Only You". Cheese wiz, romance, early 90's flair, and now I am in a delightful mood ready to slip happily into bed. But wouldn't it be more delightful to have a fool proof system for such a task? The perfected talent of movie selection. Why have they not made classes for that? There are alot of people in the world taking college classes they have no interest in that will not benefit them in anyway in their chosen profession many of whom do not even want to have a profession. How much happier would these people be if a class on this subject were available. Our educational system has let us down. There should at least be an online coarse. Just imagine with me. Each and every time you need to enjoy a film, feel that movie magic, you just close your eyes and the title pops into your head. You put in the DVD, gather up your laundry, and in about 2 hours your whole mood has changed. You like everyone a little more than you did earlier in the day and all of your laundry is finished leaving feeling ready to take on a new day. You then slip into bed replaying your favorite scenes and drift off to sleep with a smile on your face. Yes my friends, that is bliss.

Our apartment

Saturday, May 28, 2011

So here is the apartment we all will be staying in in about a week!! Yeah I am excited about seeing my family. So here ya go!

That is Bryan, one of my current room mates

This is the master bedroom

We have four of these beds so I think we are going to have some returned since we don't need them.

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