Saturday, December 8, 2007

Sure now they work! Soryy for the repost they didn't show up the first two times I checked it!!!!!!

For some reason I noticed that the pictures of Kaitlynn and Nana are not showing up so I will post them again.

Rainy Day!!

We got some more rain that other day and it was really raining. So hard in fact that I decieded to take some pictures so here they are!

Work project

I mentioned before that I am putting together a work project and here are some of the pictures that candice and I took of Kaitlynn. Also the other night we had Nana and grandpa (Verna, Verdean) over for dinner and we go talking about pictures and such, anyways I was showing them the pictures on our computer and the videos and then some of the music. They were BLOWN away, I mean you really don't know how amazed they were. As one of the demonstrations i took a picture of Kaitlynn and Nana together contected the camera to the computer and downloaded it, then I printed it off. The whole thing took about 5 minutes, well they were floored when I gave Nana the picture she said "I am going to write on this picture that we took this picture and I got it ALL with out film!" She was thrilled to have a picute of herself and Kaitlynn. So here is that picture also. Enjoy!


Thursday, December 6, 2007

While I am in the posting mood I thought I would mention the weather, it has been pretty nice lately. Today it will be about 58-60 degrees. This is one of the coldest days we have had this year. Which is exactly what I like to see!! :) Some cold weather is something I enjoy! Not all feel the same, anyways, it is usually anywhere from high 60's to low 70's here all winter long, with WIND!! I looked for a picture to post but all I have is some ones for work (thats where I am at right now, shhh don't tell!)

Ok, Ok

I know still no pictures or up dates, I am working on something for work so I will be taking some new pictures this weekend. THEN I can add something new. It is actually pretty cool what I am trying to get done. What I am doing is trying to make a present for our boss. We have quite a few kids in the company right now and my manager and I were talking about how cool it would be to have a picture of all of the kids, well the chances of us getting all of the kids together is 0, so I am having them all send pictures to me and my friend Hattie will photo shop them all together for one awesome picture! I will post it up once it is finished!