Thanks Grandma!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Adam's parents recently visited us down where the sun still shines and we had a bit of a Birthday party for Kaitlynn so they could join in on the festivities. Kaitlynn received a cooking set from her grand parents. Real little pans that really go in the oven and a fantastic kids cook book from Paula Dean that has way more in it than a normal cook book. We started out with a cookie recipe and she really did it almost all by herself. Good job Kaitlynn!!!

These are a few of my favorite things...

Friday, December 12, 2008

I feel this list is appropriate during this season of joy and thanksgiving. Of course this isn't exactly the raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens type of list but it's some of the things that make life extra fun.
#1 Kaitlynn's compliments: Today as I hurried about in my efforts to make an impromptu birthday bash, homemade cake and all, for my almost four year old I shouted, "Kaitlynn, your mother is a basket case!" to which she responded, " No mom, you're not a basket case, you are an expert and an expert means good job!" There is an unrivaled sincerity in the compliments of children that I truly value. And everyone likes to receive an honest compliment.
#2 The sound of Adam's car pulling in: Adam has never run through life at my pace or on my schedule but he always gets where he needs to be. No matter how bad my day has been, how hectic, how tumultuous the struggle, no matter the upset or disappointment, I know that he is coming. My madness will be calmed, assistance will be rendered, sympathy and affection provided in abundance, and my relief begins with that sound.
# Nap time: Oh nap time. This perfect do nothingness. Nap time is always appreciated the most during the busy times. You have run all your errands, the kids have played hard, work was much too demanding, the week has really kept you on your toes, or whatever life has trampled you with, then comes nap time. Weather it is nap time for the kids or yourself, this happy comfy quiet is just what you've longed for. Every now and again I have the good fortune of getting both of my little ones to slip off into slumber at the same time. This is some of the most fortunate down time I get to experience and had to be on the list.
#4 Leftovers: I love leftovers. The absence of dishes in the kitchen sink if heavenly by itself, but I believe that many dishes taste better the next day. "What's for dinner?", "Whatever you heat up!" Such excitement and variety! Pork chops, spaghetti, grilled chicken, lasagna, the possibilities are endless! No cooking or pans and still a delicious meal. Add a movie and you have my favorite kind of evening, Kaitlynn's too, she calls it picnic night and always requests that we add popcorn to the mix.
I could add numbers 5 through 100-ish but I'm out of time, but feel free to add yours to the comment list.

I find that offensive

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tate is learning the word NO. With Kaitlynn I would say NO in a firm mommy voice and she would stop, look back at me, and then try again. After two or three tries she would move on to something else and later in life she would point to the things she was not to touch and shake her head NO. She even took the next step months down the road and would label the "NO NO's" as "hot" or "ouch", these were some of her first words. As parents we try the same methods with our offspring hoping for success. However, Tate seems to simply find us either humerus or more often offensive. He has the object in sight, he's crawling towards it, mouth open and eyes bright, then suddenly a clap and a firm,"Tate, NO!" He stops, looks back and makes a very sad face accompanied by pathetic sound effects, then reaches for the object anyway. We seem to be at a cross roads of communication. On the TV show John and Kate Plus Eight, Kate mentions that her boys differ from the girls in the sense that they do not take direction well. I would have argued that comment but when Kate speaks, she is usually correct. There is no better test group then her children. Three boys and three girls all the same age, the same environment, the same nurturing, there is simply nothing else to blame the results on. The problem with this find remains however that we have no alternate method. I don't know how to explain the word to a seven month old. My fears are mounting as we plan to set up the Christmas tree in the morning. I suppose the old adage,"If at first you don't succeed, try, try again" is applicable to my plait at the moment and as John and Kate teach us, sometimes you just have to wait it out. Thanks TLC.

Up..Up.. and Away!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tate recently started crawling and days later decided he was ready for the next step. He stands all on his own and is doing a marvelous job at it. We are biased of coarse being the parents but as it is our blog if you choose to comment you will be required to be equally impressed at our son's motor skills. I hope you enjoy this little video clip. He can do much better than this but as soon as the camera is on all he can do is say "da dada ddaaa dada da", but he's so stinking cute.

Silver Bells

Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas may very well be the most popular holiday to favor. A blanket of white snow, Christmas cards of families donning matching sweaters, sleighs with shinning jingle bells, elves, presents, nativities, it's no wonder we make this our selection for the most likable holiday. If you choose another holiday in fact many will consider your Christianity to be a sham and that you might even be a scrooge. However if you are considered to be a scrooge than it may be to your advantage given the fact that all of your Christmas loving friends will most likely bring a plethora of holiday gifts and treats to your door in hopes of curing you of your holiday issues and by so doing making themselves feel a great sense in holiday goodness and self gratification. Perhaps the most wide spread expression of Christmas cheer is Christmas music. Ringing through the halls of every shopping mall in this great nation and those across the pond, Christmas music is a sign that the mad dash for making the correct purchase for everyone on you list had ensued. It makes us happy. It makes us enjoy the decorations more. I even believe that listening to these cheery tunes can make the you love people more, even the ones you don't know. That is why many of us have a vast collection of Christmas music. A little Bing and little Nat and so on. We listen to it as early as July, it's perfect to clean the house to and always child appropriate. This year, always striving to further my collection, asked Adam to make me a cd of my favorites so that I may listen and instantly feel that magical Christmas bliss whenever I desired. In perfect over achiever Adam fashion, he showed me how to select all of the songs I loved, and buy them so I didn't feel guilty, and then made me my cd before I even woke the next morning. He's been a very good boy this year. Anyways, as I thoroughly enjoyed this mix I got to thinking,"what if someone else needs a great Christmas mix like this one?". I couldn't hog all this holiday goodness to myself so here is the offer: If you read my blog and would like an extra bit of holiday cheer this year in audio form then leave your request in the comment box and I will get you a copy asap. This is of coarse one of my good deeds that I hope will ensure my name on the NICE list this year. Merry Christmas.

What I Remember Thus Far

Friday, November 28, 2008

To be truthful this blogging has been the closest to a journal that I've ever maintained so this post is for my records only. This is what I can remember about my children and their births so far and I'd like to write it down. Feel free to skip this one, these are my thoughts and they can be graphic and random, not to mention this is going to take some time. Ok, Kaitlynn was born 12-26-04, I was induced on her due date. She seemed huge when they pulled her out, long little feet and a fair head of hair. I remember the doctor said she looked like she was at least an eight pounder, but she was actually 7lbs 9oz and 20 inches long. The entire process took about eight hours and was relatively painless. There was pressure and discomfort but not a great deal of pain. The stitches were the most painful part. I felt every one. I did have an epidural when I was only at a four and I was not in pain, and it was very well done. I was very comfortable and I could move my legs, if they would have let me I think I could have walked. I have the whole thing on video and my mother and I watched it together often, held hands, and teared up when she comes into view. She was a great baby. She slept so hard after she was born that I had then check her blood sugar. I handed her over to the nurses and asked to be alerted when she woke up. I woke up at four a.m. in a panic but the nurses reassured me that my precious new baby girl was alive and well, just very sleepy. However, once we got home she didn't sleep as much. Kaitlynn and I would sleep in the couch together. I would watch movies until late at night and then finally fall asleep with her snuggled into me. When she would start to stir I'd quickly make her a bottle and we'd fall back to sleep soon after. Both of my children seem to love the burping stage of the feeding process and fall to sleep while getting their backs patted. When she got a little older and I would rock her to sleep I would often forget that step and I was reminded by her taking my hand, placing it on her back, and her patting my back to show me what I needed to do. She always drank her bottles well and was very excited when it was time for rice cereal. She opened her mouth wide and panted like a dog for each bite. She started teething at about four or five months and didn't get her first tooth until she was 7 and 1/2 months old. Her teething months were not her best. She got her two front teeth at about a year. Soon after we moved to Bullhead she developed seasonal allergies which resulted in congestion and ear infections. I started her on Zertec a few months later and the infections stopped. She started to crawl at about eight months and walk at about eleven. (Adam says ten) She started to potty train at about 22 months and gave up her binki at about 2 and 1/2 years. It was so sad for me. I loved the binki days. So quiet. Although she didn't speak in full, easily deciphered, sentences until about two years of age she could always get her point across very well. She would act it out before she could talk and her communication skills really came in handy. She's been a very good car sleeper and a great snuggler. I've always felt like there is a little bit of her mother in her and I've felt a very special bond between me and my only daughter. I have always loved to put her to bed and hear all of her comments about her life and the events of the day. It's fascinating in a way to hear what goes on in her little mind. Let's see, what else, She is a master finagler as we call it and tries to worm her way around everything. She is affectionate and loving and very rarely shy. She seems to get a small thrill out of the fact that there are so many other pleasant looking children in this world and says HI to almost all of them. She loves everything fancy and truly appreciates a certain amount of flair just like her mother. Her costume of choice is panties and pretty shoes but a beautiful dress and fairy wings is also very important. She is exhausting and wonderful all at the same time. She is thrilled at the arrival of her brother Tate and has pretended to be pregnant on many occasions since his birth. I had a feeling that Tate was going to be Tate very early on in the pregnancy. It took us eight months to get a positive test and I feel so grateful for both of my children. Tate came into this world the night before I was to be induced. I had horrible back labor that I can only describe as having my glutes ripped off by a rabid beast and my tail bone bent backwards and threatening to take my spine with it. I thought I could make it until the morning and tried my best but then soon realised that it was time to take the drive to the hospital. I went home to fix my hair and pee before heading in and right after I finished peeing my water broke in the toilet. It was a massive splash. I screamed on the way to the hospital where I was rushed into labor and delivery and greeted by an evil ugly nurse who could care less if I lived or died. I was at a six and she made no attempt to help me relax or call an anesthesiologist. (special circle in hell lady) My mother showed up to help and saved me from killing the shrew of a nurse and/or hyperventilating. The next time she checked me I was a ten and pushing began. My sweet doctor had to really work to get this big baby out. He had to cut me four times and pull so hard he was shaking, then out he popped. 8lbs 15 oz of beautiful baby boy. Tate Davis Christensen was born just an hour and twenty minutes after my water broke at home. At least it was over fast. He didn't even have a chance to get much of a cone head. I truly did have a fear that he wouldn't be as funny as his sister and he did not let us down. He has been just as pleasant but laughs even more. He is a very entertaining baby. He just hit his seven month mark and shares a few similarities with his sister. He seems to be on the same track as far as teething and sleeping and they both like to flick their toes off of things while they are eating. He likes to play with my hair a little but much prefers it if I move my hair back and forth over his outstretched fingers. Lazy. Tate unfortunately decided not to take a binki like his sister even after my best efforts, but It really hasn't been that bad. He is a fair car sleeper now, although the first three months of life he screamed the length of each and every car ride. He is not the eater that his sibling is and seems to constantly be confused as to why I put things in his mouth. He's a real gagger. He started crawling days before his seven month mark. He is very pleased with himself for learning this skill but is still puzzled that his feet don't seem to walk like everyone elses do. He is a very likable little ball of sweetness and you can hardly restrain yourself from kissing his face off, and really he would mind a bit. He loves everyone but is a true mamma's boy and whimpers like a dog for me when he is hungry or tired. He loves to be thrown around and laughs when he is sleepy just like his sister. They cry too but just get very silly.
Before I forget, weight comparison:
Birth: Kaitlynn 7lbs 9oz Tate 8lbs 15oz(the doctor told me that this was my max and I was to be induced early if there was to be a next time)
3weeks: Kaitlynn 9lbs 9oz Tate 10lbs 4oz
6months: Kaitlynn ??? Tate 20lbs 5oz
9 months: Kaitlynn 19lbs 5oz Tate(not there yet)
If you took the time to read this I apologize for the lengthiness of this post but you were warned and I actually could have gone into greater detail. I simply had to write these things down before they escaped from my mind forever. Someday my kids will ask me what they were like as babies and I'd like to have an answer.

Tate Can Crawl!!!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

He's been taking it little by little but today he really did it. He crawled. Slowly but surely. The trick is to find something that he deems worthy of crawling to. He's not going to put forth that kind of effort for just anything. Next he will learn the words NO, HOT, OUCH, and GUCKY. We'll keep you posted.

Thuggish Ruggish

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's Tate again. As it's getting cooler out I've been trying to keep up on the winter attire for our little ones. We tried to find an little hat that would keep Tate's little noggin warm but most of them were lame. Then I spotted it. A little brown beanie that brought out his inner thug. I put it on him every time I get a chance so I'm sure he'll end up hating it, but as for now he's laid back. (With my mind on my money and my money on my mind) Sorry I realize not all of you will get that.

P.S. I got a little carried away with my Posts as of late so if you frequent this blog you may want to page down.

Mr. Moose

Tate is huge! The only name that truly fits is Mr. Moose. When I took him in at his six month doctor visit he weighed 20 lbs 5 oz. He is in the 90% for both height and weight. It makes a mother so proud for no clear reason. Anyways we bought him moose ears and he didn't seem to mind them. Oh and he also seemed to enjoy the Red Vines.
Later we tried Kaitlynn's Pj's on him to try to get an idea of what size to buy next. They just aren't as big on him as they should be for 3T's.

To Coupon

To coupon is an action. No longer do we only use the word coupon as a noun. I'll give you an example in a snippet from a recent conversation, "You can tell who coupons by the number on Sunday papers on their driveways.". The coupon world is a magical place that I recently merited myself an invitation to by attending a Relief Society night that was based on the subject. Our lovely friend Mindie Baxter was the informant. We all sat in awe at her organization and knowledge. She had a small office in a bag dedicated to the cause and handouts brimming with valuable information for all of us. Dollar signs filled my eyes as I listed. "Is what I'm hearing true? Could there be a chance that I might make our monthly budget and never have to be subjected to Ramen noodles?!" I left feeling overwhelmed and hopeful. And now I'm hooked. I've snagged some serious deals since that day. I wait with anticipation for the weekly store adds to come out. I mean I've always loved a good deal and looked a little for a bargain but not like I do now. Thanks Mindie. But tonight was not my night. I was in Target and I spotted clearance toothpaste. I bought a tube, took it home and tried it, and I liked it, plus it came with a coupon inside. That would bring each tube of fresh Colgate toothpaste to a grand total of $0.74!!!!!! I put the kids to bed and raced back to the store. In the hollowed halls of my beloved Target I stood and stared at the empty shelves. They were gone. All gone. I checked other end caps for another fantastic deal that would ease my thrifty woes but there were none to be had. It was all over. I just went home. Maybe my lovely Mindie should put some kind of warning at the bottom of her handouts. Perhaps something like this: WARNING: Sometimes all of the clearance items will be gone, you will forget your coupons, or a horrid cashier with drab hair color will actually stick to the "limit 3" rule, but there will always be another deal next time. Keep chocolate on hand to help with the "let down" aftermath. Or anything of that nature will suffice.

All the little chicks in the nest

Friday, November 14, 2008

We used to make fun of my mother,ok we still do, for feeling a the thrill and happiness of having all her chicks in the nest. That is what we call it. It is such fun when we're all together, teasing Bonnie. But in a way I don't think she really minds sometimes because there is a certain kind of contentment that takes place in the heart of our sweet mother when we are all home safe and accounted for. All is as it should be. She can see us all with her own eyes. She knows that we are safe and sound. I'm not sure that I can say with any certainty if I had encountered this feeling in it's exactness before entering into motherhood my self. But many times since making the transition I've enjoyed that same sensation. Weather it has been a fever, a long trip, a storm outside, a no nap day. Whatever peril has come our way the end result is always the same. The fever has subsided, the journey has ended and my babies are clean, fed, warm, happy, sleeping, safe. The doors are locked to all the outside unpleasantness and all my chicks are in the nest. And then I feel it. A perfect unrivaled peaceful contentment. All the world is exactly as it should be in my eyes. Everything is ok. I have the privilege of enjoying these moments more than my dear mother in this stage of life, but on Thanks Giving day we'll all be home. And even though someday you might not see your chicks all the time, or see that they are safe and sleeping, they might multiply and come home, and then your nest will once again be very full indeed.

the night owls do, that's who.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Who gets their second wind around midnight?
Who thinks,"Hey it's 2 a.m., who wants to watch a movie?!"
Who waits until the family is all sleeping to get their "to do" list completed?
Night owls do, that's who.
That would be me and my siblings. Don't you dare call them before noon, but if you have a question at 11:30 and worry that it might be too late to call, it' s not. And when you call you can hear a full fledged party going on in the back ground. This is always how it's been. When we were all younger, high school age, we would stay up until all hours of the night even when we had nothing to do. Then Bonnie would run down stairs and tell us all to go to bed and we never listened. I swear that woman probably has spent a accumulative year of her life telling her children to go to sleep. I still do it even now that I have children. I wait until I have all my babies tucked into bed and are fast asleep and then it begins, my mind races. "What should I do with all my alone time?!" it thinks. "Should I mop the kitchen and finish the dishes? Or maybe I should take out all the garbage because it's going to be garbage day in a matter of hours!" or on a really crazy night we get,"Time to shampoo the carpets!" The only problem is that I don't get to sleep into noon. It's kinda sad you know, I'm very tired. I think it's starting to wear on me. Last night Adam taught me how to buy songs off the Internet and make a cd. He's a good egg. Anyways I was really enjoying myself as we headed into the midnight hour and then it hit me. A very strange sensation, I felt like I might just pass out. I really considered that Adam might find me in the morning on the floor in a heap next to the lap top and have to scrape me up and take me to bed. I was tired! My body was sending me a message and it said,"You can stay up but you're on your own! I've had enough!" It was kind of a stern message. But what does it all mean? For so long I've played the role of both the Night Owl and the Early Bird. Would I have to choose? I guess I'll just to give up my late nights. I have a feeling that even though she doesn't know, somehow, subconsciously, Bonnie will feel that I finally listened and she might sleep better that night. So I'll try it for a little while, but then who will shampoo the carpet?

Rock Star

Friday, November 7, 2008

Last night Adam got an order of protein. As he mulled over his treasure of supplements, Kaitlynn asked if she could borrow a few of his Protein containers. She then set up her drum set, using what she had taken, and started to bang on her bongos and sing an extremely repetitive song at the top of her lungs. After a few minutes of this she heard a very familiar line from her mother,"Kaitlynn Dee, take it down a notch baby!" But instead of ,"OK mom" her reply was,"Sorry mom, I can't. I'm a rock star". Fair enough I thought, you certainly can't rock out quietly. It just doesn't work. Adam gave me a look and added, "Rock Star?! Where did she get that from?" The world truly may never know where Kaitlynn picks up all of her randomness. I think she'll make a great rock star if she can find some kind of musical talent. So far she's lacking in that department. I'm also concerned about her ability to make those quick costume changes back stage. This is a girl that needs you to pause the credits of a Barbie movie so she can get on the right dress and shoes to dance in. And it takes some time. By the time she's ready for the big dance number, the DVD player has automatically turned off and you have to get it to the right spot again. Maybe she'll have some great people back stage to do it for her. But if it all works out the way she plans, Savy and Kaitlynn can start a band and be rock stars and take care of her parents into their old age. What a plan! I'll start thinking of good band names.

Mr. Over the moon

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Put on your cheese whiz goggles people, this could get messy.
When I first met Adam I knew this was IT. Within a matter of weeks I knew he was the one I wanted to spend every day of the rest of my life with. Do you remember your mind before your first kiss? It had a image or preconceived notion of exactly what that first kiss would feel like. Well the first three let me down. Then it was his turn. Lips touched and those synapse fired and my mind said,"yeah, just like that." The planets aligned, the fireworks ignited, and all was right with the world. We said our I love you's for the first time on our first Fourth of July together and I thought, "It can't get any better than this". And boy was I right. I dated some real winners while he was gone on his mission and believe you me, no one was in the running. Don't get me wrong there were some good guys but they were Mr. OK's, not Mr. Over the moon. So I got to marry mine, get married make babies, the whole shabang. But what if it didn't happen that way? What if by some twist of fate or whatever else, I didn't meet him? Then would I have to settle for Mr. OK? There was a book that my mom read to us a few times when we were younger, I saw a few because it wasn't a favorite. It was about a girl named Fanny. A big sturdy girl with man hands and no fashion sense at all, who wanted to go to the ball and marry the prince. But she waits for her fairy god mother and nothing happens. So she settles. She marries the short guy that has a crush on her. Eventually she learns to love him and they have eighty-two kids or some ridiculous number and they live OK ever after. Is this how stories should end? Do we settle? Well you can probably see why this book didn't work for us. Have you been to Carbiener land? Well that's not how we roll. I chose to believe that every girl has a Mr. Over the moon and every guy has a Mrs. Stars in your eyes and that If you miss the first one that it wasn't really the one. Or that some(or all) of us have a back up better half somewhere in the wood work just in case. Because even if we are awkward and have no fashion sense we deserve to have our lips touch and feel,"yeah, that's it". And live Happily Ever After.

If you don't have anything nice to say.....

Monday, November 3, 2008

....think until you can come up with something that is nice. Kaitlynn has really embraced this concept as of late. The other day in the store the woman in front of us had one of those ridiculous bright red weaves braided into her black hair. Kaitlynn whispered to me,"That lady has some crazy hair" but when she received my disapproving look she quickly changed her tune to,"But she looks like a very nice mother." Then she gave me the, "How do you like them apples?!" kind of look. She knows how to work the system. Desperately wanting to be a part of the conversation she commented that our friend's (whom we rode to Phoenix with) car was a lovely color of gray. Different but lovely. She couldn't possibly just not say anything at all because she never stops talking and to Kaitlynn silence would be torture. We prayed not to have shy children. It seems to have worked.

Shake what yo mamma gave ya

Well your momma and your dad. We certainly can't deny Adam's influence in the gene pool and need to give him props for his good work. Our children are fairly entertaining and to our delight we're not the only ones who think so. Christin, Brad, and company were very hospitable and really took to our offspring. In this clip Kaitlynn is work'in it in her own dance party. Brad was the designated DJ because Kaitlynn said he couldn't dance(poor Brad-o) and Christin and Ariana were back up dancers. Ariana isn't in this video she came in a bit later. Christin is trying to follow Kaitlynn's lead as she has been instructed to do exactly what she does.Everyone gets a pat on the back for being good sports.

Happy Halloween

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Party hearty baby!!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The kids came with me to the youth Halloween party Tuesday night. Tate had to be a bunny because his costume didn't really work out and Kaitlynn got to wear her "bridal" dress up costume. Anyways I took a picture or two for a little pre-holiday show. I also had to add the pictures of our pumpkins just for fun. Happy Halloween everyone!

I'm NAKED!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Some people just like being naked. I know this because I was born into a family of this type of individuals. The people who when at the doctors office, and asked to undress, just drop it all. We just figure, "You've had to have seen an uglier one of these before." But weather you cringe at your check up's or would like to have a naked photo of yourself, everyone liked to be naked as a baby, and Tate is no exception. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Let that cute little chub be free!! No matter what he enjoys being in the tub in his birthday suit splashing about. And when bath time is over and he is bundled up in the cute hooded towel that his mother would have never taken the time to make(thanks Andrea) he seems to say, "Helloooo!! I'm NAKED!!!!!! Isn't this the best?!" So I captured this look on camera for your viewing enjoyment. Let's hope he reserves this love of nude for bath time (unlike Brad) and I don't get the, "um..your son is naked in my yard and he's, well.....watering my tree" phone call from the neighbors. Here's hoping.

hair schizophrenia

Monday, October 27, 2008

Today while doing my hair it happened again. Directly following my blow dry I had the urge to have long hair past my shoulders with red, blond, and caramel highlights cascading through my shining strands and Rory bangs (Gilmore Girls season 7). I could see it all in the mirror staring back at me. The thrill of a change swept over me and I decided right then and there that I was going to have to start taking prenatal vitamins and have regular scalp massages to acquire this look. Hair schizophrenia is a rising epidemic. As a cosmetologist I consider myself somewhat of an expert on the subject, yet I'm lost on a cure. There is no known medication or treatment to keep women content with their current style. A select few have slipped under the radar. There is a breed of female in this world that seems to be completely immune to the disease. Each and every day she wakes up, slicks her greasy, drab hair into a sad ponytail and heads out the door. No longing for highlights interrupts her thoughts. This is a women who can sit through the new Indiana Jones movie and follows the plot, she isn't thinking,"can I pull off that look?" or, "Kate, hold still I need to envision my face on yours". It makes a girl wonder if these girls are really immune or are just lost on where to start, what look to try. So many decisions. To these concerns I would respond : Let yourself be over taken with hair schizophrenia, see a look and take it for yourself, feel the hair color, breath it all in(but don't taste it) get your self a new styling tool or product, take full advantage of the opportunity that you have to feel that thrill of something new and beautiful, and when your done finish it off with lip gloss. New lip gloss.

commercials, jingles, and other bits of sillyness

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You know why I love the super bowl? The energy in the room, the Pepsi, nope the commercials. The fine people in the advertising world really shine during this time of the year. I'm sure whoever makes those commercials gets a raise. They are engraved in our minds more so even then that winning touch down. Then there are the jingles. The little ditties that are so catchy and make you smile when a room full of people take a trip down memory lane by bursting into song and feel a thrill in remembering all the words. A snippit of advertising genius that I currently giggle at each and every time is the Tide to Go commercial. I'm certain you've seen it. There is a big talking stain on the guys shirt that is a hindrance in his daily goings on. You can't help but smile the whole way through and then at the end they announce their product and just for that little something extra ,in a tiny voice, they throw in, "now in a mini" which to most people is silly at best but every time I here it I see a mental picture of Brad being the voice behind the stain pen. I can imagine him saying the line and then his face scrunches into his funny face right before he releases a little snicker that simply could not be contained. Sure these people get paid but I'm not sure there shouldn't be a little more for these clever folks. A pat on the back if you will. Maybe I'll take the time to write the good people at Tide, or better yet, I'll make Christin do it.

Sleepy daddy

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The other day on the way to the grocery store Adam took the opportunity to show his wife a little affection when we stopped at a stop light. Some smooches are quick and some are a little longer, this was the latter. Kaitlynn stopped mid sentence (she talks nonstop) and asked,"Dad did you fall asleep on mommy again?". We thought it was a very funny question since I can't recall a time that Adam has kissed me and fallen asleep on my face. Silly Kaitlynn.

I know just exactly what to do...

Nana is finally here! There are few people in this world that Kaitlynn adores like her Nana and Grandpa. She has been impatiently awaiting their arrival. Consequently we've been having many little reminder type discussions like, "Now remember Kaitlynn, Nana can't walk very fast so don't pull on her." and "When Nana gets here you will have to bring your toys to her, she can't go in your room.". She takes these rules very seriously and has been reminding me all week as well that she will be very careful and gentle with her great grandparents. The first chance she had to play with them she took full advantage of. By the time I came in the room Nana and Grandpa were sound asleep on couches in the living room. Grandpa's foot was wrapped in a bandage and they were both tucked in with blankets and pillows. My mom informed me that Kaitlynn had played doctor with them. They both took their shots without any tears and then needed to be put down for a nap because they had fluid in their ears. Later on in the evening they read books and Kaitlynn showed Nana her favorite dolls. When Kaitlynn over heard Bonnie telling Nana her plans to make her legs stronger she just had to interrupt(she is the doctor after all), sensing my mother's concern she announced," Don't worry Mema, I know just exactly what to do to make Nana feel better so I will help." Of course her ideas on the subject all involve ways that Nana can play with her without getting hurt, but her little heart is in the right place. It's nice as a mother to see how much she cares.

When we're helping we're happy......

Thursday, October 9, 2008

...and if Tate is doing anything that Kaitlynn is doing (helpful or destructive)then he is thrilled. Tonight he was helping her clean up the toys like a puppet in daddy's hands. Tate is often the puppet. It might only be funny to us but I thought I'd post it just in case.


The "Bodily "disease that all the women in my mother's family seemed to inherit is the compulsion to feed. We love to feed people. We delight in a dinner party, beam with pleasure at a well planned brunch. When company comes to call we instantly do a mental inventory of what we have to offer. We think of a beverage and then the appropriate meal for the time of day, or perhaps a snack of some kind if the situation merits it. Regardless of what we are serving we seem to feel a small sense of pride you might say. As if prior to this life we were instructed that no one shall leave our homes hungry or it will bring dishonor to us all. What drives this compulsion I'll never know but I'm certain Kaitlynn will find the same nearly irresistible desire to fix a plate for whoever happens to cross her path in life. When a friend is ill it is always heightened. The other day my friend Shannon was over to our house and she was feeling very weak. Plagued by a slew of medical misfortune in the previous week and venturing out into Walmart proved to be too much. As she laid on the couch I brought her a drink and lunch in an attempt to make up for the fact that she had to chase me around the store. Laughing at my mothering she remarked,"You're so accommodating!" Kaitlynn never to be left out of the grown up conversation added,"Well, she's cute but she's not very accommodating." We died laughing. I get that it's way better if your there but it's still funny to us and by the time she knows what the word really means, she will be it.

The mommy and daddy mountain

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Oh the joys of conference Sunday. Snuggled up at home in pj's listening to the words of the church leaders. During Tate's nap Adam took advantage of the rare opportunity to show his wife affection by twisting ourselves into a twisty pretzely blob of snuggled bliss on the couch. Kaitlynn's attention was soon turned to the opportunity to climb the mommy and daddy mountain and then jump off of us with great enthusiasm. I'm sure through her laughter she was pondering in the back of her mind,"Why haven't we played this game before?!" Yes jumping on the bed is fun, launching off of the back of the couch is a thrill, but climbing the mommy and daddy mountain and leaping from the highest peak trumps them both.(at least for today).

It's a bird....It's a plane....Nope, just a small blonde

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

You know those times when you see people do something awesome, dangerous, challenging for the mind and body and you think, "why exactly?" or perhaps "that is so not me". If these are the thoughts blinking across the scrolling marquee in your brain then you are like me. However, if your excitement builds and you feel a slight tingle as your cells morph into a super human phenomenon, then you are like my sister. Christin had always been the one to do everything. My phone rings,"Hello", "Hi Candice, guess what I'm going to do this weekend!", "What?", "I'm going with a group of guys and I think we'll climb a mountain, then we'll learn to canoe on white water rapids blindfolded! What are you gonna do?", "Ummm.......well....take care of the kids and do the dishes", "Well super, maybe if I have time later in the week I'll run 10 miles and see if I can make a lamp like I saw on Martha the other day. Check my blog! Love ya!" Then I hang up the phone feeling a like I may have dropped the ball for not standing in the "Get your super powers here" line. And I just can't help but think, "Climb a mountain? Run? But what is she running from? And where on earth will she plug in her blow dryer?!" When I remind myself that I am not the one who will be participating, my stress levels return to normal. It's truly always been that way and it really works for us. I'm so proud of her. She's everything I've always been glad I never have to be. Sounds hard. But she really is a super hero to me and I really love her and I think she's ultra fantastic for doing a triathlon with her cool friends. Hat's off sis.


Monday, September 29, 2008

Reverence requires effort for even the people in this world who are naturally soft spoken, for our family it's more of a constant struggle. However, we keeps our hopes high and always question our little sunbeam on her performance in class. This week we knew it would be a special challenge as Chase was back to visit. When we got in the car and started heading home we asked our usual questions and then braced ourselves for the answer. "Kaitlynn were you reverent in class today or did the teacher have to tell you to stop talking?" Poised and ready she replied,"Well all the kids tried to talk to me but I didn't answer them, and they tried and tried, and then Sister Moxin said, 'Settle down now children, settle down' and then we were all very quiet." She sat in her car seat so pleased with her well-planned response. Now normally I try to be serious but knowing full well the probability of this stories truthfulness made it imposable to hold in my laughter. I'll have to ask her teacher how it really went the next time I see her.

A sympathetic heart

Friday, September 26, 2008

Our sweet little Tate is a very sympathetic baby. He loves his sister and is disparaged by her unhappiness. Almost every time he hears her cries he pulls this face. Even at this young age he is sympathetic to her plait. These days Kaitlynn goes to time out or her room at least twice a day giving us ample opportunity to capture this shot.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

You know every now and again you just want to watch that movie and hear that song? Your driving down the road and it comes on the radio and you turn it up and sing every word with a very dramatic car dance meanwhile using your cell phone as your microphone. Then you get home and kiss your husbands face off! And still that night you stay up late to watch a chick flick, cry a tear or two, and your in a bit of a lovey cloud the next day. (If none of this sounds vaguely familiar please move to the next post) If this sounds like you, then you just might be a romantic. I think it's a lovely gene to have in the gene pool. I'm sure every one has a little but a little is not enough for me. Don't get me wrong I have a cheese whiz limit, but I do find an small amount of pleasure in the tears that come at the end of An Affair to Remember. I'm well versed in the dialog, find the scene familiar, and still it gets to me, and I like it. We should (in my opinion) dance, and cry, and leave love notes, and make out like crazy, laugh, adore, touch, crave, love, and find perfect contentment in the moments when we realize we do.

Who has the time?!

The other day I asked Kaitlynn to put on her shoes. She ran out of her room, stopped in front of me with a ready to run stance, and said with tension in her voice,"Are we late?!!". "Hurry up we're late!" is a phrase that will echo in my children's ears most of there lives. They will grow up to feel rushed even when there is no impending deadline. She is already learning the ropes from her mother. A few days ago her Strawberry Shortcake doll was getting out of line and Kaitlynn was late for a pretend but very important party. Her patients grew short and I think we can safely say that the dolls have all learned their lesson to put their shoes on when asked. Why are we always rushed? I for one can readily admit that my inadequate ability to organize my time is part of the problem but it seems that there is more to this predicament. Our societies system is perhaps askew. These days you have to graduate high school with part of your college education under your belt, miraculously have no debt when your degree is complete(student or other), get married young (because of fertility studies), get pregnant, work out the whole time and lose five pounds in the end, pop out that kid, stay skinny, have skinny kids, but never let them outside because of the ax murderers and the like, don't let them touch anything(fecal matter and cocaine is on everything you know), watch Date Line and Good Morning America to find out what will kill you and your children today, make everything yourself(if Martha can do it so should you), have an immaculate home(with your children always at your feet), decorate, be involved in politics, your community, and the school board, watch What Not To Wear (so you don't fall behind), get your hair done, get your boobs done, detail the car, walk the dog, have a meaningful conversation with your spouse, pay the bills, plan for college and retirement, buy stock, pluck your eyebrows, finish the laundry, plant a garden, and most important get 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night(or you will die or catch obesity). Maybe the next invention can be very small to do lists so that we don't lose our minds.

Every little thing she does is magic

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kids love other kids. Babies look at kids like, "Hurray more small people!". I always worried about how Kaitlynn would do with the next child we had and it turns out they really like each other. Tate is fascinated with her. All during dinner he stares at her and makes noises to get her attention. Every word or movement sends him into hysterics. She jumps, he laughs, she speaks, he laughs. She can do no wrong. Even when she is too rough, which is often, he either laughs or grins. I'm glad I have kids. Plural. I'm glad they like each other and hope they always do.

I enjoy being a girl

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

You know that song? I did the young women's hair for our stake lip sync talent show thing. I must say after the 50's style poof and the fake eye lashes there was quite a transformation. Those are the times that you really appreciate being a girl. The time when you can get all foo foo, glittered, sprayed, glamed, and puffed. It really is fun. It's like when I do highlights on someone and they walk a little different when they leave. A few tones in your hair are changed and your whole day is better. You want to run into someone you know at the store and you check yourself out a little more when you look in the mirror. You remember to put on the new lip gloss that has been sitting in your purse feeling a little forlorn. Oh lip gloss, heaven. Lets all forget the menstrual cycles and everything else we can easily feel cursed for and remember the things we love about being female. Here's your list(or mine but you can copy): Fake eyelashes, fake nails, fake tans, liquid liner, root boost, rollers, hair spray, hair color, new nail polish, fur, beautiful shoes, pedicures, bows, dresses, purses, jewelry, sexy aprons, matching luggage, shimmer anything, and a daughter to share it with.

Still sitting on blue

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sometimes life is like a game of Candy Land. This is the game I'll have to reference because the only other games Kaitlynn likes are Memory and Hungry Hungry Hippos and I just can't work with that. Back to my point. There are so many times you are going along and it seems as though you keep getting doubles or the even coveted Icing Princess card. You are winning the game and everything seems to make perfect sense. The Candy Castle is in sight and you just know that the next card will show double purples, and then nothing. Nothing seems to happen. Your still sitting on blue while everyone around you seems to be getting doubles or maybe even taking your turn. How could this be?! Did you land on one of the sticky squares that makes you loose a turn? Did the individual responsible for your little ginger bread man take a break to make a sandwich or simply stop playing? Well you may never know, but for the time being you wait. You're a little plastic game piece sad, confused, and more and more impatient, but still sitting on blue. It's times like these that I'm asked to teach the lesson in church on eternal perspective. And while I may never know the answers I like to think that my gamer knows that the next card is the gum drop guy and while he looks very amiable, he will take me back to the beginning and I would surely loose. So we pray and we wait, and we hope for the Icing Princess card that will make us feel that excitement for the game once again.

stinky fingers

Friday, September 12, 2008

Children have stinky hands. It's a scientific fact. They can't resist that childhood temptation to explore everything they see with the sense of touch. Every single germ filled shopping cart in the shape of a car is a magnet to those little fingers. They simply must touch every candy item in the checkout line thus resulting in sticky, stinky, strangely colored kid hands. Animals only add to this problem. Adam's mom has cats so before we ate dinner I asked Kaitlynn to go wash her hands. When she walked back into the room I asked, "Did you wash your hands?" She replied in the affirmative and walked over with arms outstretched to let the evidence speak for itself. I smelled the little wet hands and drew back in disgust. "Kaitlynn, your hands stink!!!" With her teenager attitude she crossed her arms, stinky hands in her pits, and exclaimed, "Well, I'm too small to reach the soap!!" I tried to hold in my laughter as I helped her scrub up in the kitchen sink. I'll have to remember to get a stool for Grandma's house.

Everybody's a Comedian

Why is laughter so important? When we were driving to Idaho we saw a half built log cabin on the side of the road with a giant for sale sign. Appalled that anyone would try to sell that heap of sticks in this market I said," seriously, what do they think they're going to get for a house that's half done?!!" with perfect comedic timing Adam chimed in with,"half price." Now I realize that it's not that funny but when the timing is right and the giggles hit, you just can't stop laughing. I was laughing so hard and in turn Adam started laughing. Those few minutes of laughter made my day a little better, made my face hurt in a good way, and made me like my husband even more. Adam was pleased that I found his comment so witty and you could see it on his face. In fact I don't know if I've ever had a compliment that means more to me than laughter. I delight at the idea of being funny, witty, or clever. I've received the "You look beautiful" but I think that was from my mom (thanks mom), but nothing gives me that same satisfaction as a giggle. So what is it that makes laughter the best medicine, the greatest compliment, the sign on 90% of LDS homes that reads "LOVE, LAUGH, LEARN". It is just as important to us apparently as love and knowledge. If that is so then I think we should be a little more grateful for the funny people. The comedians that are clean enough to listen to and still laugh until you cry, your stomach hurts, and your face has a new wrinkle. We should then never wish for botox to take away the evidence of such moments of delight. Although I've always assumed to would get some type of plastic surgery, I might just keep my smile lines. Then I will hopefully recall every funny thing that my children say and the image in my mind of Christin in complete hysterics as I relay the deatils of the story, eyes squnited, body contorted, and cheeks streaming with tears. No one laughs until they cry like my sister and it never fails to make my whole life seem better to laugh with her. I'll keep my laughs. I'll keep my wrinkles.

Where do I belong?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

As a parting gift Adam's sister Cassi sent me home from vacation with a horrific flu. Adam and I never remember feeling the affects of any illness quite like this one. Fearing Tate being admitted to the hospital I sent my children to my mom's house the morning after we got home. It has been so hard for me to deal with not having my babies. The quiet, the guilt, the juicy juice commercials. After a few days of no contact from mom or dad things are getting a little sad for Kaitlynn as well. One morning at breakfast Kaitlynn sadly says to Mema, "Well Mema, I guess I'll just have to live here and be your kid now." That's right just one more slap in the face. We are praying that things are great tomorrow and the kids can come home and remember who their parents are.

I've got chocolate

Kaitlynn has always been a child you could reason with. If you need her to do something and a bribe is required chocolate almost always works. One time she had a few slivers in her hand however, and no reasoning on this planet would work. I even tried the scare tactic, "Now if you don't let mommy get that out of your hand it will turn green and fall off." She really did try but it was just too scary. Anyways we finally held her down and got them out and it was fine. A few weeks later I got a sliver in my toe. I sat down on the floor to get it out and Kaitlynn walks right over to me, looks me in the eyes, and says,"Now if you hold still and let me get it out I'll give you a chocolate chip." They say if you want to see yourself watch your children. But I always give more than one chocolate chip so that can't be true.

Here to help

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The other day I wrote Shannon an email to tell her good bye and let her know that I loved her and would miss her. After I had finished I went into my room to do my hair and try to stop crying. I've got a very ugly cry face. Kaitlynn came into tell me something and noticed my distress. "Mom, are you sad?" she asked. I told her that I was sad that Chase's mommy was leaving and didn't get to be my neighbor anymore. This was her reply: "Mom, I'm not sad that they are going to Idaho at all, and do you know why? Because we will all be in Idaho in two days and we can go to Chase's new house and we will play and it will be so much fun. So don't be sad mom, it'll be great. Now finish your hair and I will read you a story and you will feel much better." Then she proceeded to march out of my room looking very pleased with herself and picked out a book. What would I do without my three year old taking care of me. The thing is she always has. Even before she could talk I would hold her and she would pat my back. She makes me a little teary sometimes with her radar tuned to my every emotion. I hope she's always so eager to love and care for her mom.

What not to wear

Monday, August 18, 2008

Oh how I love Clinton and Stacy and the magical things they do on national television. One thing I have noticed lately is that they seem to be commenting on something I myself am guilty of. Shock waves heard around the world! Pretend you're surprised that I'm not as fashion forward as I should be. I will be 27 this year and Stacy and Clinton remarked that at my age I should no longer be shopping in the Juniors section. So today I did it. I shopped like an adult. My good friend Shannon and I spent four hours in lovely, exhausting, shopping bliss. Everything we got was on sale and we only bought one pair of pants in the Juniors section. Baby steps. It was so much fun. I haven't such a long, enjoyable, giggle filled shopping trip perhaps since I became a mother. So thanks Shannon for helping me shop in an age appropriate way. Stacey and Clinton would be so proud.


This must be something that frequents my vocabulary because my daughter has been using it. It really goes with everything. Sunday morning she sees her freshly curled and sprayed hair in the mirror and says, "Mom, good job. My hair is so stink'in cute!" After playing all morning with her friends I hear, "Is it nap time yet? I'm stink'in tired" When asked, "Would you like to go to MeMa's house?" her reply is, "Umm.. that sounds so stink'in fun!" Adam got a little suprise the other day when he walked into the room and he got a "Dad, you are just so stink'in cute!" Sweet of her wasn't it? I'm glad for now that this is the word that she is choosing to repeat and I hope that this is as bad as it gets.

Mythical creatures

Kaitlynn is very into doing her hair these days. The other day she came out of the bathroom shirt soaked, hair soaked, and hair slicked over. "Mom I did my hair all by myself! Is it really beautiful?!" And I trying to be the ever encouraging mother reply, "It's so pretty! You did it all by yourself?!"Then she gets a sheepish type expression on her face and says, "well...the bathroom fairies helped a little" Then she informs me that she also can call the fairy god mother if I'd like a new dress. Umm..... of coarse I want a new dress! Why wasn't I informed of these magical amenities?! Maybe you only have and easy button for mythical creatures if you've been a very good three year old. I'm not sure on the rules but I'm very pleased. I wonder if they clean showers too.

Are you saying I'm fat?!

Friday, August 1, 2008

So during one of my workouts I was in plank position. If you're not familiar it looks like the top of a guy push up. Well to a three year old it's a bridge that you can crawl under and pretend that a troll lives on top and you have to be very sneaky. For me however, it's try to stay focused on your form while a toddler uses you as their toy. Anyway the other day Kaitlynn changed up the game. She sat next to me and started squeezing my imaginary udders. That's right, I was her pretend cow and she was milking me. Sick! If my self esteem wasn't low enough from just having a baby and looking like I was toting around a small jello mold, now this. I am a big fat farm animal and I was being milked. Well, I guess it could be worse, I could have been a pig.

baby laughs

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I know, I know, everything I post is about the kids. I'm sorry but babies take lots of naps and it's really hot outside so we don't get out much. Anyways we usually can only get Tate to laugh when the camera is off and as soon as we turn it on he just looks at the shiny little box with a blank expression. Today, however, I got some of the action.

Little ducks and wincey spiders

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Anyone know the little duck song? It's a well loved little diddy around here so Kaitlynn likes to sing it to Tate. He's such a good sport. He just smiles and sings along and tries to lick us as we both kiss his face off. We love our little smurf. Three months old today.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Adam is making this post, you know it is funny I started this blog like 1.5 years ago and nothing really happened with it until I got Candice into "Blogging" and she has really gotten into it. Which is why it is as cool as it is!! Anyways back to the memories thing I saw this on a friends blog. Here it goes:

. . . . leave a memory!

1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together with any one of us. It doesn't matter if you know us a little, or a lot, anything you can remember!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog, and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see these responses. If you leave a memory about us, I'll assume you're playing the game, and I'll come to your blog and leave a memory about you. If you don't want to play on your blog, or you don't have a blog, then I'll just leave a memory of you in our comments.So, brush out those memory sweepers, and let's have some fun!!

First trip to the dentist

Ok so at first I thought Kaitlynn would really freak out at the Dentist office because she doesn't do so well at the doctor, but one of her friends went and told her that she liked it so Kaitlynn was determined to be just as brave. And believe you me, she was. I never saw a child enjoy an appointment so much. Plus she got a Bell tooth brush so who can complain. One more thing, remember that toothpaste they use with that spinney brush thing? They give you a choice of alot of flavors that sound great but taste awful? Yep Kaitlynn loved that stuff. She kept making the dentist stop so she could lick up and swallow the residue in her mouth. He had to re dip the little brush thing like eight times. The dental hygienist was laughing so hard! Apparently not every kid enjoys the toothpaste flavors. So here are some photos.

Naughty Lamanites

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Almost every night at dinner Kaitlynn tells us a story while she should be eating. Eating just doesn't entertain her. Well, tonight it was about Lamanites. I really would like to say that she obtained her knowledge of these characters form our perfect habits of scripture study but that would be a blatant lie. In this evenings saga the Lamanites went to Idaho and wanted to steal the mountains. So they dug a huge cool hole in the ground, (then she makes a sprinkle action) and they buried the mountains. I don't know how a group of men can pick up a mountain, crumble it like cracker crumbs, and then bury it into a huge hole. But in this story they did. Anyways the drama continues as our very excited three year old explains how when there was only one mountain left in Idaho the Nephites put stairs all the way up the mountain and went to tell Jesus. But when Jesus asked the Lamanites about the missing mountains, they didn't tell the truth so Jesus sent all the Lamanites straight to time out! I guess that's what you get for stealing mountains and then lying about it. Oh, and don't worry about those missing land masses. Jesus put them all back during time out.

Wedding Bells Are Rigging

Kaitlynn made a wedding cake out of safety cones. She told Adam and I that we could get married again and it would be so much fun. Hurray I love weddings! But who will do my hair?!

Dear Mommy...

Today we had to show our house with ten minutes notice. Having been sick this whole week and not sleeping on account of sick babies, the house was a mess. Luckily right before the phone call from the Realtor I had picked up a bit, but the kitchen was still messy when they came. After the crowd left and I once again encountered the frustration that comes with trying to sell a house in a bad market for two years, I cried and called Adam. Did I mention I haven't been sleeping? Anyways the always attentive Kaitlynn springs into action. She runs to me with a piece of scratch paper in her hand and declares, "Mom don't worry I've got a letter for you" It says, "Dear mommy, please don't cry when you are talking to daddy. Everything will be great. Dear mommy, I love you. " Then she stops and look straight into my eyes and says, "Do you feel better?!" And I have to say yes. Then during nap time I watched Gilmore Girls and drank a pepsi. That always works just as well as a good letter.

What little piggy?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kaitlynn loves having a new baby in the house. Even though she is very limited with what she can do to him she certainly makes the effort to interact. She holds his hand and sings him a lullaby, and Tate smiles and coos back at her. He enjoys the attention. They play patty cake and where is thumbkin. She gets him binkis, blankets, and birpclothes. And she makes sure to monitor every bath. But the other day when the two siblings were actively engaged in playing all the baby games Kaitlynn knows, they hit a snag. It began, "This little piggy went to the market, this little piggy went in his house, this little piggy......umm....., MOM!" "Mom, I just can't remember where all the little pigs go!" We quickly went over and over the piggy line up until all pigs were in their place and we could happily get to the piggy that cries "Wee weee wee!" all the way home. Who ever made up these games was quite the thinker. So thanks to you Mrs. Baby game inventor!

Need a moment?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Today I made Chicken Piccotta with Capers for lunch. I needed to try a new recipe for the cooking blog. We all sat down to give it a go. Anyways the chicken was good but the sauce was awful. Luckily I just put a little on the side so all was not lost. Kaitlynn was eating her chicken(with no sauce) happily. Adam took one bite, said he didn't like it, and got up from the table. I was a little disappointed. When he walked back by the table he asked, "hey are you upset?" but before I could answer my overly observant 3 year old pipes up with, "Dad don't talk to her, she needs a moment." Adam and I smiled at each other and left it at that. She really thinks that she's so big sometimes. Miss Bossy pants!

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Thursday, July 3, 2008

This is a picture that Kaitlynn put real effort into. Not just a scribble on a page that could be both a monster and/or a flower. No this is a picture of mommy and if you'll notice the special attention that has been paid to the mouth. Kaitlynn has discovered the magic of lip gloss and was thoughtful enough to put some on my mouth in all it's colorful, shining splendor.

The Dog That Almost Was

Oh the excitement as we brought Dora the hound dog into our home. She was a rescue dog and had been in her foster home for two years. Crate trained, house broken, and very sweet she seemed like the perfect animal for our home. Kaitlynn loved her but no one won her heart like Adam. It seemed to be love at first sight for these two. The first day went very smoothly. However, on Monday it all went down hill. She took a snap a Kaitlynn's face one too many times for mommy's comfort level and the next morning she was gone. I think someday Adam's emotional wounds will heal. Maybe we'll try again in five years or more.

...cause waking up is hard to do.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

On Sunday morning Kaitlynn slept too late so we had to drag her out of bed and get her to the table for a little breakfast. When we left the room to ready ourselves she was all smiles and ready to go, but after a few bites of Kix the table started to remind her of her warm bed that she left just moments ago.

Happy Boy

Here's Tate at two months old!

When we're helping we're happy!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Tonight I noticed that the toilet paper was getting a little low in the bathroom so I asked Kaitlynn if she would please run and get an extra. "Well of coarse I can mom, that's all you had to say!" was her reply as she ran with three year old lighting speed to the store room. Such a happy helper. I find that when she is this pleasant and helpful I fail, for just a moment, to remember when she has ever been naughty.

Problem Solving 101

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm certain that all parents believe their children to be a prodigy in one area or another. I find that Kaitlynn shows wisdom beyond her years in her ability to problem solve. The other day I handed her a plate of very hot cheese covered chicken straight from the microwave. As I turned to fetch her a fork I issued the, "It's really hot so you have to wait" warning that always accompanies plates of this temperature. But there is no need to wait for a child with these problem solving skills. Her perfect logic kicks right in. What do we use to pick up something hot? A hot pad. "Oh, I know what I should do!!" she declares as she places an oven mitt on her hand and picks up her piece of chicken. And I have to admit that even though the fork in my hand would be the utensil of choice, I am always impressed (as is Kaitlynn) with the ideas she comes up with for getting out of a pickle. So I took the picture and then made her use her fork.


Saturday, June 7, 2008

No matter how long the night has been or how much sleep mommy missed out on, all is well by 7:00 am. I filmed a better one with way more smiles but this will have to do because I forgot to push record the first time.


Friday, June 6, 2008

Kaitlynn has always been a child who even before she could complete a sentence could get her point across in any situation. Much of the time she used charades to illustrate her point and now even at the ripe old age of three and a half she often uses some of these animated skills to really drive her point home. For example at meal time. It is so hard to have something in your mouth when you always have something to say so unfortunately there are often a few leftovers on her plate. But Kaitlynn is not one to waste. She has every confidence that if properly taken care of her food will be tasty and ready for round two as soon as nap time is over. When mommy says,"nap time!" she springs into action. Making sure she has my full attention and eye contact she jumps down from her chair and says, "ok mom, all you need to do is put all my eggs in the really really cooollld ccooolld freezer (while working her entire little body into a very convincing impression of a three year old with no winter clothing trying to make it across the icy tundra), and then when I'm done with my nap I will eat it and love it!" And then she smiles equally pleased with her great idea and with her performance and waits for my praise. Oh the world of a three year old.

soy boobs

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The other day Adam was getting Kaitltnn ready for bed and changing her into pj's. When her shirt was off she pointed out that she had nipples and then asked, "Daddy do you have nipples?" He said, "Yes I do. Everyone has nipples." She thought for a moment and said, "Oh, but yours don't have soy comming out of them like mommy's do they?!"

So funny at such a young age.

Boot Camp

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I (Adam) started up a Total Body boot Camp with two trainer friends of mine and it has been quite successful. We had our own tee shirts made with our own logo. I wanted to make one for Kaitlynn, see we copied the logo into jpeg and I found the right size shirt for her and spent some time on the shirt for her. I thought that she would think it was cool. I gave her the shirt and she tells me "Dad thank you for making me the shirt, but.... I don't like it." I asked why not and she said "well its just not very cute!" I again asked why not? " she tells me "well there aren't any stars or pink flower or even any sparkles on it!" So we foo fooed it up for her complete with pink stars, a pink flower and even sparkles. Now it is cute enough to wear! :)


Monday, May 5, 2008

He gets hic ups alot! And we think it is kinda
cute especially since he sounds like a squeaky toy:)

Everyones happy!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Things have been good and everyone has been helping out, Kaitlynn loves to feed Tate, I don't think that he completely feels that same way, but food is food!
And here the best part, Tate sleeping! He luckily likes it too so this is what he is like most of the time.

Day 2

Friday, April 25, 2008

I thought I would put these new pictures now that he is not all squishy and the swelling has gone down. Here are some with Dad and sis too!

Can't forget the ride home from the hospital!

Tate 8lbs 15 oz!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Here is are new addition, TATE

OH Baby!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

I wanna get whitchya and take............ that baby out!! 3 more days until Candice is induced at 7am! She is ready (if you can't tell from the pics) to have Tate here with us outside of the belly. Wish us luck!!!

Here comes the bride!

Kaitlynn got a new weeding dress from her mima and she was showing it off.

Kaitlynn's high flying adventures!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Kaitlynn and I were playing around with her jump'o'lene and we thought it would be fun to fill it with pillows and have some flipping, spinning, throwing, flying action. And it was fun! So check out Kaitlynn's flying spinning action galore!!

Getting there!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Candice has about 8 weeks left until we add one more to the family. She is very ready for Tate to be here. Part of it is that she is ready to not be pregnant any more but also she would like to formally meet her son. I am also excited to get him here, I mean I am not going to lie I am pretty excited for when he is a little older and can play and all of that fun stuff. But it will be nice to have him here and meet him. I have been thinking about that lately and we will be a FAMILY I mean we have of course been a family but now there will be a small crowd of us. So far it is Adam, Candice and Kaitlynn. Now it will be the Christensen's, probally because it would take far too long to name off all of us but four feels like a complete family. Not too say we are done or anything just complete. A good note to end on. Sorry no pics today I just felt like typing. Then when Candice reads this she will make fun of me and we will take some pics and throw them on.

Kaitlynn's dance clothes

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Kaitlynn started gymnastics class with a few other kids so we had to get her the outfit to go with it.

more vacationing! Good ol' Idaho

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Snowmobiling with grandma on a nice red sled!

Feeding fish at Big Springs
There were also a few muskrats there and we were trying to land the bread on the muskrats back, much harder then you think!
While at the comndo we had a ferrel cat stop bye, which Kaitlynn loved. So Candice went out and bought some kitty treats to keep it coming back. :)
Grandpa and grandma with their only grand kids, Kaitlynn and baby Bracken my brother Davin's son.

Idaho Vaction 2008

This January we went to idaho for a vacation and it was lots of fun. While there we went to Island Park to snowmobile and some sleding but it was

kind of snowy when we decided to sled. While there it snowed about 24"!! It was fun well here are some pics

Kaitlynn got pretty sleepy after the first days activities and kinda got crooked :)

Playing in the snow with grandpa Christensen! Its mostly fun to bury him with the snow!

Kaitlynn is funny

While at my parent housein idaho Kailtynn found a coffee table book and made up a story to go with it. Here it is!

Kind of long but cute! One of her new things is "and she said" and "he said" as you can tell from the video.