Kaitlynn's dance clothes

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Kaitlynn started gymnastics class with a few other kids so we had to get her the outfit to go with it.

more vacationing! Good ol' Idaho

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Snowmobiling with grandma on a nice red sled!

Feeding fish at Big Springs
There were also a few muskrats there and we were trying to land the bread on the muskrats back, much harder then you think!
While at the comndo we had a ferrel cat stop bye, which Kaitlynn loved. So Candice went out and bought some kitty treats to keep it coming back. :)
Grandpa and grandma with their only grand kids, Kaitlynn and baby Bracken my brother Davin's son.

Idaho Vaction 2008

This January we went to idaho for a vacation and it was lots of fun. While there we went to Island Park to snowmobile and some sleding but it was

kind of snowy when we decided to sled. While there it snowed about 24"!! It was fun well here are some pics

Kaitlynn got pretty sleepy after the first days activities and kinda got crooked :)

Playing in the snow with grandpa Christensen! Its mostly fun to bury him with the snow!

Kaitlynn is funny

While at my parent housein idaho Kailtynn found a coffee table book and made up a story to go with it. Here it is!

Kind of long but cute! One of her new things is "and she said" and "he said" as you can tell from the video.