Getting there!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Candice has about 8 weeks left until we add one more to the family. She is very ready for Tate to be here. Part of it is that she is ready to not be pregnant any more but also she would like to formally meet her son. I am also excited to get him here, I mean I am not going to lie I am pretty excited for when he is a little older and can play and all of that fun stuff. But it will be nice to have him here and meet him. I have been thinking about that lately and we will be a FAMILY I mean we have of course been a family but now there will be a small crowd of us. So far it is Adam, Candice and Kaitlynn. Now it will be the Christensen's, probally because it would take far too long to name off all of us but four feels like a complete family. Not too say we are done or anything just complete. A good note to end on. Sorry no pics today I just felt like typing. Then when Candice reads this she will make fun of me and we will take some pics and throw them on.