...cause waking up is hard to do.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

On Sunday morning Kaitlynn slept too late so we had to drag her out of bed and get her to the table for a little breakfast. When we left the room to ready ourselves she was all smiles and ready to go, but after a few bites of Kix the table started to remind her of her warm bed that she left just moments ago.

Happy Boy

Here's Tate at two months old!

When we're helping we're happy!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Tonight I noticed that the toilet paper was getting a little low in the bathroom so I asked Kaitlynn if she would please run and get an extra. "Well of coarse I can mom, that's all you had to say!" was her reply as she ran with three year old lighting speed to the store room. Such a happy helper. I find that when she is this pleasant and helpful I fail, for just a moment, to remember when she has ever been naughty.

Problem Solving 101

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm certain that all parents believe their children to be a prodigy in one area or another. I find that Kaitlynn shows wisdom beyond her years in her ability to problem solve. The other day I handed her a plate of very hot cheese covered chicken straight from the microwave. As I turned to fetch her a fork I issued the, "It's really hot so you have to wait" warning that always accompanies plates of this temperature. But there is no need to wait for a child with these problem solving skills. Her perfect logic kicks right in. What do we use to pick up something hot? A hot pad. "Oh, I know what I should do!!" she declares as she places an oven mitt on her hand and picks up her piece of chicken. And I have to admit that even though the fork in my hand would be the utensil of choice, I am always impressed (as is Kaitlynn) with the ideas she comes up with for getting out of a pickle. So I took the picture and then made her use her fork.


Saturday, June 7, 2008

No matter how long the night has been or how much sleep mommy missed out on, all is well by 7:00 am. I filmed a better one with way more smiles but this will have to do because I forgot to push record the first time.


Friday, June 6, 2008

Kaitlynn has always been a child who even before she could complete a sentence could get her point across in any situation. Much of the time she used charades to illustrate her point and now even at the ripe old age of three and a half she often uses some of these animated skills to really drive her point home. For example at meal time. It is so hard to have something in your mouth when you always have something to say so unfortunately there are often a few leftovers on her plate. But Kaitlynn is not one to waste. She has every confidence that if properly taken care of her food will be tasty and ready for round two as soon as nap time is over. When mommy says,"nap time!" she springs into action. Making sure she has my full attention and eye contact she jumps down from her chair and says, "ok mom, all you need to do is put all my eggs in the really really cooollld ccooolld freezer (while working her entire little body into a very convincing impression of a three year old with no winter clothing trying to make it across the icy tundra), and then when I'm done with my nap I will eat it and love it!" And then she smiles equally pleased with her great idea and with her performance and waits for my praise. Oh the world of a three year old.