It's a bird....It's a plane....Nope, just a small blonde

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

You know those times when you see people do something awesome, dangerous, challenging for the mind and body and you think, "why exactly?" or perhaps "that is so not me". If these are the thoughts blinking across the scrolling marquee in your brain then you are like me. However, if your excitement builds and you feel a slight tingle as your cells morph into a super human phenomenon, then you are like my sister. Christin had always been the one to do everything. My phone rings,"Hello", "Hi Candice, guess what I'm going to do this weekend!", "What?", "I'm going with a group of guys and I think we'll climb a mountain, then we'll learn to canoe on white water rapids blindfolded! What are you gonna do?", "Ummm.......well....take care of the kids and do the dishes", "Well super, maybe if I have time later in the week I'll run 10 miles and see if I can make a lamp like I saw on Martha the other day. Check my blog! Love ya!" Then I hang up the phone feeling a like I may have dropped the ball for not standing in the "Get your super powers here" line. And I just can't help but think, "Climb a mountain? Run? But what is she running from? And where on earth will she plug in her blow dryer?!" When I remind myself that I am not the one who will be participating, my stress levels return to normal. It's truly always been that way and it really works for us. I'm so proud of her. She's everything I've always been glad I never have to be. Sounds hard. But she really is a super hero to me and I really love her and I think she's ultra fantastic for doing a triathlon with her cool friends. Hat's off sis.


Monday, September 29, 2008

Reverence requires effort for even the people in this world who are naturally soft spoken, for our family it's more of a constant struggle. However, we keeps our hopes high and always question our little sunbeam on her performance in class. This week we knew it would be a special challenge as Chase was back to visit. When we got in the car and started heading home we asked our usual questions and then braced ourselves for the answer. "Kaitlynn were you reverent in class today or did the teacher have to tell you to stop talking?" Poised and ready she replied,"Well all the kids tried to talk to me but I didn't answer them, and they tried and tried, and then Sister Moxin said, 'Settle down now children, settle down' and then we were all very quiet." She sat in her car seat so pleased with her well-planned response. Now normally I try to be serious but knowing full well the probability of this stories truthfulness made it imposable to hold in my laughter. I'll have to ask her teacher how it really went the next time I see her.

A sympathetic heart

Friday, September 26, 2008

Our sweet little Tate is a very sympathetic baby. He loves his sister and is disparaged by her unhappiness. Almost every time he hears her cries he pulls this face. Even at this young age he is sympathetic to her plait. These days Kaitlynn goes to time out or her room at least twice a day giving us ample opportunity to capture this shot.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

You know every now and again you just want to watch that movie and hear that song? Your driving down the road and it comes on the radio and you turn it up and sing every word with a very dramatic car dance meanwhile using your cell phone as your microphone. Then you get home and kiss your husbands face off! And still that night you stay up late to watch a chick flick, cry a tear or two, and your in a bit of a lovey cloud the next day. (If none of this sounds vaguely familiar please move to the next post) If this sounds like you, then you just might be a romantic. I think it's a lovely gene to have in the gene pool. I'm sure every one has a little but a little is not enough for me. Don't get me wrong I have a cheese whiz limit, but I do find an small amount of pleasure in the tears that come at the end of An Affair to Remember. I'm well versed in the dialog, find the scene familiar, and still it gets to me, and I like it. We should (in my opinion) dance, and cry, and leave love notes, and make out like crazy, laugh, adore, touch, crave, love, and find perfect contentment in the moments when we realize we do.

Who has the time?!

The other day I asked Kaitlynn to put on her shoes. She ran out of her room, stopped in front of me with a ready to run stance, and said with tension in her voice,"Are we late?!!". "Hurry up we're late!" is a phrase that will echo in my children's ears most of there lives. They will grow up to feel rushed even when there is no impending deadline. She is already learning the ropes from her mother. A few days ago her Strawberry Shortcake doll was getting out of line and Kaitlynn was late for a pretend but very important party. Her patients grew short and I think we can safely say that the dolls have all learned their lesson to put their shoes on when asked. Why are we always rushed? I for one can readily admit that my inadequate ability to organize my time is part of the problem but it seems that there is more to this predicament. Our societies system is perhaps askew. These days you have to graduate high school with part of your college education under your belt, miraculously have no debt when your degree is complete(student or other), get married young (because of fertility studies), get pregnant, work out the whole time and lose five pounds in the end, pop out that kid, stay skinny, have skinny kids, but never let them outside because of the ax murderers and the like, don't let them touch anything(fecal matter and cocaine is on everything you know), watch Date Line and Good Morning America to find out what will kill you and your children today, make everything yourself(if Martha can do it so should you), have an immaculate home(with your children always at your feet), decorate, be involved in politics, your community, and the school board, watch What Not To Wear (so you don't fall behind), get your hair done, get your boobs done, detail the car, walk the dog, have a meaningful conversation with your spouse, pay the bills, plan for college and retirement, buy stock, pluck your eyebrows, finish the laundry, plant a garden, and most important get 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night(or you will die or catch obesity). Maybe the next invention can be very small to do lists so that we don't lose our minds.

Every little thing she does is magic

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kids love other kids. Babies look at kids like, "Hurray more small people!". I always worried about how Kaitlynn would do with the next child we had and it turns out they really like each other. Tate is fascinated with her. All during dinner he stares at her and makes noises to get her attention. Every word or movement sends him into hysterics. She jumps, he laughs, she speaks, he laughs. She can do no wrong. Even when she is too rough, which is often, he either laughs or grins. I'm glad I have kids. Plural. I'm glad they like each other and hope they always do.

I enjoy being a girl

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

You know that song? I did the young women's hair for our stake lip sync talent show thing. I must say after the 50's style poof and the fake eye lashes there was quite a transformation. Those are the times that you really appreciate being a girl. The time when you can get all foo foo, glittered, sprayed, glamed, and puffed. It really is fun. It's like when I do highlights on someone and they walk a little different when they leave. A few tones in your hair are changed and your whole day is better. You want to run into someone you know at the store and you check yourself out a little more when you look in the mirror. You remember to put on the new lip gloss that has been sitting in your purse feeling a little forlorn. Oh lip gloss, heaven. Lets all forget the menstrual cycles and everything else we can easily feel cursed for and remember the things we love about being female. Here's your list(or mine but you can copy): Fake eyelashes, fake nails, fake tans, liquid liner, root boost, rollers, hair spray, hair color, new nail polish, fur, beautiful shoes, pedicures, bows, dresses, purses, jewelry, sexy aprons, matching luggage, shimmer anything, and a daughter to share it with.

Still sitting on blue

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sometimes life is like a game of Candy Land. This is the game I'll have to reference because the only other games Kaitlynn likes are Memory and Hungry Hungry Hippos and I just can't work with that. Back to my point. There are so many times you are going along and it seems as though you keep getting doubles or the even coveted Icing Princess card. You are winning the game and everything seems to make perfect sense. The Candy Castle is in sight and you just know that the next card will show double purples, and then nothing. Nothing seems to happen. Your still sitting on blue while everyone around you seems to be getting doubles or maybe even taking your turn. How could this be?! Did you land on one of the sticky squares that makes you loose a turn? Did the individual responsible for your little ginger bread man take a break to make a sandwich or simply stop playing? Well you may never know, but for the time being you wait. You're a little plastic game piece sad, confused, and more and more impatient, but still sitting on blue. It's times like these that I'm asked to teach the lesson in church on eternal perspective. And while I may never know the answers I like to think that my gamer knows that the next card is the gum drop guy and while he looks very amiable, he will take me back to the beginning and I would surely loose. So we pray and we wait, and we hope for the Icing Princess card that will make us feel that excitement for the game once again.

stinky fingers

Friday, September 12, 2008

Children have stinky hands. It's a scientific fact. They can't resist that childhood temptation to explore everything they see with the sense of touch. Every single germ filled shopping cart in the shape of a car is a magnet to those little fingers. They simply must touch every candy item in the checkout line thus resulting in sticky, stinky, strangely colored kid hands. Animals only add to this problem. Adam's mom has cats so before we ate dinner I asked Kaitlynn to go wash her hands. When she walked back into the room I asked, "Did you wash your hands?" She replied in the affirmative and walked over with arms outstretched to let the evidence speak for itself. I smelled the little wet hands and drew back in disgust. "Kaitlynn, your hands stink!!!" With her teenager attitude she crossed her arms, stinky hands in her pits, and exclaimed, "Well, I'm too small to reach the soap!!" I tried to hold in my laughter as I helped her scrub up in the kitchen sink. I'll have to remember to get a stool for Grandma's house.

Everybody's a Comedian

Why is laughter so important? When we were driving to Idaho we saw a half built log cabin on the side of the road with a giant for sale sign. Appalled that anyone would try to sell that heap of sticks in this market I said," seriously, what do they think they're going to get for a house that's half done?!!" with perfect comedic timing Adam chimed in with,"half price." Now I realize that it's not that funny but when the timing is right and the giggles hit, you just can't stop laughing. I was laughing so hard and in turn Adam started laughing. Those few minutes of laughter made my day a little better, made my face hurt in a good way, and made me like my husband even more. Adam was pleased that I found his comment so witty and you could see it on his face. In fact I don't know if I've ever had a compliment that means more to me than laughter. I delight at the idea of being funny, witty, or clever. I've received the "You look beautiful" but I think that was from my mom (thanks mom), but nothing gives me that same satisfaction as a giggle. So what is it that makes laughter the best medicine, the greatest compliment, the sign on 90% of LDS homes that reads "LOVE, LAUGH, LEARN". It is just as important to us apparently as love and knowledge. If that is so then I think we should be a little more grateful for the funny people. The comedians that are clean enough to listen to and still laugh until you cry, your stomach hurts, and your face has a new wrinkle. We should then never wish for botox to take away the evidence of such moments of delight. Although I've always assumed to would get some type of plastic surgery, I might just keep my smile lines. Then I will hopefully recall every funny thing that my children say and the image in my mind of Christin in complete hysterics as I relay the deatils of the story, eyes squnited, body contorted, and cheeks streaming with tears. No one laughs until they cry like my sister and it never fails to make my whole life seem better to laugh with her. I'll keep my laughs. I'll keep my wrinkles.

Where do I belong?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

As a parting gift Adam's sister Cassi sent me home from vacation with a horrific flu. Adam and I never remember feeling the affects of any illness quite like this one. Fearing Tate being admitted to the hospital I sent my children to my mom's house the morning after we got home. It has been so hard for me to deal with not having my babies. The quiet, the guilt, the juicy juice commercials. After a few days of no contact from mom or dad things are getting a little sad for Kaitlynn as well. One morning at breakfast Kaitlynn sadly says to Mema, "Well Mema, I guess I'll just have to live here and be your kid now." That's right just one more slap in the face. We are praying that things are great tomorrow and the kids can come home and remember who their parents are.

I've got chocolate

Kaitlynn has always been a child you could reason with. If you need her to do something and a bribe is required chocolate almost always works. One time she had a few slivers in her hand however, and no reasoning on this planet would work. I even tried the scare tactic, "Now if you don't let mommy get that out of your hand it will turn green and fall off." She really did try but it was just too scary. Anyways we finally held her down and got them out and it was fine. A few weeks later I got a sliver in my toe. I sat down on the floor to get it out and Kaitlynn walks right over to me, looks me in the eyes, and says,"Now if you hold still and let me get it out I'll give you a chocolate chip." They say if you want to see yourself watch your children. But I always give more than one chocolate chip so that can't be true.