What's your flavor?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

There is this scene in "City Slickers" where all the guys are sitting around a camp fire talking about what they do back home and there are two guys that came together (not gay, like a Ben and Jerry kind of duo) talking about how the one guy can tell you what flavor of ice cream goes with any meal. So the rest of the group tests him on his skill by naming off different meals and he spouts out the name of the ice cream that would work best with the dish. Ok now if you are a big ice cream lover that might really come in handy, but what the skill I would prefer is picking just the right movie for any night. Ice cream is ok but I am really more of a movie buff. It seems so difficult some times. You have saved up loads of laundry to fold, you put the kids to bed, and its time. What are you in the mood for? You brows your selection, you think about the movies you need to add to your selection, maybe you even look through instant view on netflix, and then finally you feel it getting later so you pop in something and hope you made the right choice. Sometimes I am really good at this. I think about what I need to watch days in advance. However, sometimes I am wrong. I am ten minutes into my feature film and it hits me, that feeling like "oh balls, this isn't it" which is always followed by "crap, now what?". Now tonight I got lucky. Tonight it was "Only You". Cheese wiz, romance, early 90's flair, and now I am in a delightful mood ready to slip happily into bed. But wouldn't it be more delightful to have a fool proof system for such a task? The perfected talent of movie selection. Why have they not made classes for that? There are alot of people in the world taking college classes they have no interest in that will not benefit them in anyway in their chosen profession many of whom do not even want to have a profession. How much happier would these people be if a class on this subject were available. Our educational system has let us down. There should at least be an online coarse. Just imagine with me. Each and every time you need to enjoy a film, feel that movie magic, you just close your eyes and the title pops into your head. You put in the DVD, gather up your laundry, and in about 2 hours your whole mood has changed. You like everyone a little more than you did earlier in the day and all of your laundry is finished leaving feeling ready to take on a new day. You then slip into bed replaying your favorite scenes and drift off to sleep with a smile on your face. Yes my friends, that is bliss.


RC said...

I've waited and waited for a blog posting from you and I finallly get it and it is about movies? I realize you are under a ton of stress with three children to tend a husband to look after and living 3000 miles away from your comfort zone but MOVIES? I was hoping for a lighthearted entry on the latest cute things my grandchildren did or the latest great meal that you concocted or the last greatest sale you found on food storage items. But I got movies.....Go to bed, sleep this one off and come back with an "entertain my daddy" entry. :o) Love you.